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Breaking Down The Latest Gov Checklist On Avoiding Cyber Attacks

During times of crisis, cyber security threats prove to be one of the biggest concerns that companies have to face. The government of the United States, anticipating heightened threats to cyber security, has issued a checklist.

Here are some preventive measures prescribed by the administration that will ensure your enterprise runs in a smooth and secure manner. These preventive measures will certainly prove useful to companies and make them more efficient and authentic in their function.

Multi-factor verification

Multiple steps authentication should be mandatory before anyone is allowed to log into the company’s system. This will keep attackers at bay and make it more difficult for them to hack into the system.

Security Tool

Investing and implementing advanced security tools in the company’s system will make it easy for the owner to take notice of any new threat within the system.

Data Back-up

In case of cyber attacks, important data stored in your system becomes vulnerable and might even get lost. That is why it is advisable for companies to preserve a backup of every important piece of data in a doubly secured, different computer. This makes retrieval of important data possible, even if the company system gets compromised due to cyber attacks.

Consult Cybersecurity Professionals

Every company should hire their own cybersecurity professional and have them screen their systems periodically to catch any potential threat lurking in the corner.

Practice Emergency Drills

Exercises and drills should be practiced regularly so that your company is ready to act on short notice in case of a real attack. This will cut down the time your data is exposed to the attackers.

Data Encryption

Despite every precaution, it may not be possible to resist a cyber-attack effectively. In that case, it is advisable to encrypt all your data so that it cannot be accessed even if it gets stolen. This will buy you extra time to shut down your system in case of an attack.

Workshops on Cyberattacks

Hold workshops and seminars that will break down and explain signs of cyber security threats to your employees. Educate them on all the tactics that cyber attackers might use to breach the system through their phones and emails. Make sure all unusual activities are reported immediately.

Build secured products

All your intellectual properties should come with a built-in security system so that they are able to safeguard themselves from any external threat.


Make projects and software exclusively accessible to only those employees who are working on them.

Authenticate Software Codes

Make sure software developers use codes whose origins are known to them. This prevents any kind of vulnerability within the system and allows the developers to rapidly correct it in case of any threat.


These are some of the preventive measures that companies can employ to secure their systems against any potential threats. It will also ensure the longevity of their software and the effectiveness of the data they produce.

How To Check If Your Company’s Data Is Available On The Dark Web

The leakage of private data is one of the worst nightmares for a company. And it gets further amplified because they might not even realize that their data has been made available on sale on the dark web until it’s too late.

There have been many instances of affected companies learning about the breach of their data months and even years after the incident. And needless to say, it poses a massive problem for the company and the customers whose data is leaked on the dark web.

What Is the Dark Web?

We all access the internet to browse websites, social media or search the web. While it may seem quite vast, the part that we usually access is only a tiny fraction of the web. This part only consists of around 1-4% of the internet – the remaining part forms the dark web.

The dark web consists of sites hidden from public view which cannot be accessed by the usual search engines like Google or Bing. Instead, one can only access the dark web through a unique browser named Tor, which allows them to browse anonymously without revealing their location or IP address.

But all activities on the dark web are not necessarily illegal. In fact, most of it is used for harmless purposes like browsing, communication, or gaming by people who value their privacy a lot. But it is equally famous for several types of illegal activities, including the sale of stolen data

How Can A Dark Web Scan Help?

You may think that you can avoid data theft by ensuring strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, etc., but these may not be effective in all circumstances. For instance, if hackers breach the website or app you are using, they can easily access your company’s sensitive data.

A dark web scan can help alert you in case your data is stolen so that you can take the necessary steps like changing your credentials or informing the concerned people immediately. It works by constantly scanning the stolen data up for sale on the dark web to identify whether your information is present among them. You can easily access several free dark web scanning services online.

While it cannot scan the entire dark web due to the search limitations, it’s the best bet to find out if you or your company have experienced a data leak.

Dark Web Monitoring Can Ensure Data Safety

The best way to ensure data safety is to engage in dark web monitoring regularly. Since you never know when hackers might target your information, it’s best to stay on the safe side by running constant scans on the dark web to identify any signs of stolen data. In addition, you can avail both free and paid dark web monitoring services to secure your information.

Summing Up

While it may seem difficult to ascertain whether your company data has been leaked on the dark web or not, it is not absolutely impossible. With regular dark web scans and monitoring, you can stay aware of any such issues and rectify them quickly.