About Us

4IT Support Pty Ltd is an Australian Privately Owned Company which provides Managed IT Support Services to businesses from 5 to 75 staff across Sydney.  We’re a small business just like you. Understanding the types of issues as Small Business faces on a daily basis helps us to focus on solutions that work for you and fit within budget.

We’re a friendly team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about one thing – Making sure your IT is running smoothly and efficiently.  We take a proactive approach to ensure the likely hood of problems arising is minimised.

As we all know, however, sometimes things go wrong.  Should a problem ever occur we are on standby to make sure everything is fixed promptly and disruption is minimised.

Why is 4iT Different?

We believe that the business we support are our peers. We’re united by our passion to create something of value and be of service to others.

Our purpose is to help them succeed and grow.

By thinking proactively, we ensure their computer systems and communications bring a new level of reliability to the workplace.

We think differently. We are YOUR IT Department.

How we fit your business

Small Business face unique challenges when it comes to IT. There’s often no budget to have a full-time staff member on board just to manage IT but calling a local repair guy always seems to cost an arm and a leg, not to mention waiting for them to turn up. In the IT world, this is what we call break-fix.

Larger businesses usually have a full-time staff member or team on board running an internal help desk.

So where does this leave the Small Business?

Right in the middle. This is where we fit in and how we bring you a better way of managing your Small Business IT. We can offer your business a hybrid of these two services – The peace of mind knowing that someone is monitoring your IT at a fixed price in line with your business goals.

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