Top 10 Tricks to Customising Windows 8

Top 10 Tricks to Customising Windows 8


In this video, David A. Cox from PC Classes Online shows you the top 10 Tricks to customising Windows 8 to your liking.

You will learn:

  1. Use Start 8 from to bring back the windows 8 start menu
  2. How to run 2 applications side by side by dragging the open application to the right or left hand side of the screen and then open up another application
  3. How to group like applications together by creating categories
  4. How to switch back and forth between open applications
  5. How to end applications which are running in the background by moving your cursor to the top left corner and dragging down
  6. Access the charms bar
  7. Find where your downloads folder is easily and creating a shortcut for quick access
  8. How to uninstall applications which were downloaded through the app store
  9. How to make tiles smaller
  10. How to disable turn photo scrolling off

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