Security Features To Look For In Your Accounting Software

Having accounting software is greatly beneficial these days on several accounts. However, it is not enough to simply have it in use. It is also crucial to have the necessary security features. A single breach can lead to innumerable damage in terms of data and information.

Security measures are required both on-premise as well as on the cloud. Robust protection on all fronts can ensure that the data is completely safe.

Implementing security measures may seem expensive and intimidating. However, the loss from any breach can be much greater. So, here are some essential security features that are absolute must-haves.

1.   Perimeter Firewalls

Perimeter firewalls are an absolute must for any software service. Usually, firewalls consist of some essential features, such as analyzing a packet’s source and its destination. Depending on the strength of the firewall employed, other factors are examined as well. A robust firewall stops breaches from the very get-go and allows for the safe passage of approved entries only.

2.   Internal Firewalls

Most organizations, however, do take care of perimeter firewalls. What they do forget about are internal firewalls. They are just as important.

Humans always stand the chance of making mistakes, and internal breaches are far more common than we usually imagine. To prevent the leakage of sensitive or privileged information, it is necessary to have iron-clad inner firewalls as well.

3.   Event Logging Tracking

To ensure that your accounts are secure and stable throughout, you can implement event logging trackers into your security system. With this, the organization can keep track of the breach attempts made.

This can also help recognize potential threats and prevent future breaches from the same sources. Having this feature also helps meet security standards.

4.   Encryption of Stored Data

Other than the data that is being utilized actively, you must take adequate steps to safeguard the data that has been stored in your cloud software.

This can also help provide more security for more confidential data that needs increased security. Selective encryption of certain data can help manage accessibility among employees as well.

5.   Physical Security Measures

Do not miss out on the physical security aspect of your accounting software as well. Although it is rare, access to physical components can severely compromise your data. There can be several layers to physical security.

Ensure all stakeholders have passwords at all stages of their physical devices, especially ones at the immediate workplace. Other security measures include identity-related security controls and CCTV monitoring.


With the advancement of technology, there are privileges but also increased risks. To make sure with these advancements and ensure that your data is secure at all times, you have to optimize your security measures as well.

The above points are some of the essential security measures that all accounting software must-have. Therefore, make sure to integrate them as soon as possible.