How To Prioritize Important Devices On A Crowded Network

With more and more of our devices now connected to the internet, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure that your network is optimized for all of them. When too many devices are competing for limited bandwidth, you can end up with degraded performance across your entire network. The solution to this problem is to prioritize certain devices over others, ensuring that they always have the best connection possible. In this article, we will be discussing how to prioritize a device on most routers and why it can be beneficial.

Steps For Prioritizing Your Important Devices

The steps for prioritizing your important devices on a crowded network vary depending on the router you have. Generally speaking, however, it follows a similar process regardless of what type of router you have. Below are some general instructions that should help you get started:

1) Log into your router’s settings page. This can usually be done by entering its IP address into a web browser or by using an app such as Fing or Wifi Analyzer.

2) Locate the “QoS” (Quality Of Service) setting and turn it on if it isn’t already enabled. This setting will allow you to prioritize certain devices over others in order to give them precedence when it comes to bandwidth allocation.

3) Once enabled, locate the “Device Priority” section and select the device you would like to give priority access to. This could be an important computer or laptop, gaming console, streaming device etcetera.

4) Finally, select the “High” option under the “Priority Bandwidth Allocation” section and save your changes once complete.
By following these simple steps, you should now be able to prioritize one device over another when it comes to network bandwidth allocation. This should help ensure that only your most important devices are given priority access when there are multiple devices competing for limited resources on your network.

Benefits Of Prioritizing Your Network Devices

Prioritizing certain devices over others in a crowded network situation has several benefits including improved gaming performance, better streaming quality and faster file transfers between computers and other connected devices. By making sure that only your most important devices are given preferential treatment when it comes to bandwidth allocation, you can ensure that they always have access to optimal speeds no matter how crowded your network might get at any given time. Additionally, prioritizing specific devices may also reduce lag times during multiplayer sessions which can drastically improve user experience when playing online games or engaging in video conferencing activities with friends or colleagues online.


Prioritizing certain devices over others in a crowded network situation is essential if you want them all running at their peak performance levels without degrading each other’s performance in the process due to competition for limited resources such as bandwidth or processing power. By following the simple steps outlined above, users should be able to easily prioritize their most important connected devices using their existing router settings page with minimal effort required from start to finish! Not only does this benefit user experience but also reduces strain on their existing internet connection helping them make the most out of their current setup without having invest additional funds into upgrading their connection speed or hardware capabilities just yet!