Blogs, Communities, and Forums to Learn About Tech for Non-Profits

The Tech in the new age will take your organization to another level. The world is ready for innovations to change the way it has been working till now. So essentially, it becomes imperative for non-profit organizations to look for solutions to streamline their work process and make their organization’s work seamless. Now let’s look at a few blogs, communities, and forums that can assist non-profit organizations in their tech endeavor.

1.   TechSoup Forum

TechSoup collaborated with 63 of the world’s greatest civil society groups to use technology to better people’s lives.

Partners in the TechSoup Global Network administer various technological capacity-building projects that assist communities in practically every area of the world. Each network partner customizes its program to meet the requirements of its community and shares experiences with other network partners to better assist communities across the globe.

The TechSoup Forum is dedicated to continuing its great effect and developing next-generation programs and services to help people navigate an increasingly digital environment. It allows tech experts from all around the world to connect and assist non-profits with any tech-related questions.

2.   The Agitator/ Donor Voice

The Agitator was developed by a group of nonprofit strategists and fundraisers who were tired of the existing quo. They noticed firms using guiding principles in ways that were not yielding results and decided to take action. As the name implies, its material poses complex issues and pushes the charity sector to reconsider its approach to fundraising. The stuff they provide will encourage you to do just that.

Each piece is pretty unique, but this site has some brilliant jewels. The authors are not just fundraising specialists, but their writings are also literary and amusing. For example, one of our favorite blogs is on data hygiene, where they approach the issue by writing a screenplay for an old-school PSA. And it’s not a case of flair above substance; their viewpoints are supported by evidence and carefully vetted.

3.   Scope

. The Scope is an open community in which anybody may freely browse the forum, and it has accomplished incredible things to date. It fosters encouraging and accessible surroundings in which members can establish trust and achieve more together. Finally, the Scope community strives to guarantee that no one is left out by providing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Scope is an English and Welsh disability equality nonprofit that works to ensure that all disabled persons have access to equality and justice. It was founded in 1952 by three parents and one social worker. Their primary purpose was to secure that disadvantaged children got equal access to school.

4.   NTEN Connect Blog

The NTEN Connect post is a community-sourced magazine that provides first-hand advice from nonprofit technology experts. They also offer a diversity of viewpoints so that you might benefit from the experiences of others. For example, community members can comment on items on the NTEN Connect Blog, and professionals from the charity technology and NTEN affiliate communities can submit material and share knowledge with others.


Without a doubt, nonprofits do outstanding jobs. From the healthcare system to individuals in developing countries, the mission of these NGOs is limitless. They make sure people have access to mental care support services wherever and whenever they need it.

Some of the most regarded experts maintain their blogs to share best practices, question the current status quo, and even provide levity to help people fundraise more effectively. If you haven’t already taken advantage of their kindness and wisdom, now is the time.