Web Hosting Australia – For Small to Medium Business


Who should you host your website with?

A question that pops up every now and again is “Who should I host my website with?”.  We don’t provide website hosting ourselves as we believe this is best left to the experts in their field.  Just the same as you probably wouldn’t want your Web Hosting Company providing you with your IT Support. 

If you’re looking for Web Hosting for your Australian website however we can certainly point you in the right direction.  If you’re based in Sydney and need assistance managing the whole process, call or email us and we’ll take care of it for you.

For general business website hosting, that is, a Small to Medium business that wants to have a presence on the web with a minimum of fuss we generally recommend one of the following hosting plans:

Take our simple website hosting quiz and find out which web hosting plan suits your business.

Will you be running an online store?

Are you going to be hosting a lot of images and videos?

Do you need a dedicated IP address?

Where is your email going to be hosted?

Are you going to be advertising your website?

How important is local web hosting support?

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The Selection Process – Which website hosting plan should you choose?

Which web hosting you choose will depend entirely on the features you require. To narrow down the choice between the contenders we need to ask a few questions in order to get an idea of how your website will be used.

Is it important that your website is hosted in Australia?

The reason we ask this question is that HostGator is US based and Crucial Cloud Hosting have servers in Sydney.  Naturally many answer Australia without thinking too much about it but we need to drill down a bit further to find out whether this is just a case of patriotism or it has been well thought out.

Where is your email going to be hosted?

As these are existing clients we’ll already know the answer to this ourselves.  In fact most of our clients are already on Office 365, Google Apps for Business or are running an internal Exchange Server but there are still plenty of businesses out there that rely on their web host for basic email functionality.  Both Crucial Cloud Hosting and HostGator offer plans with Unlimited email accounts but the important consideration to take in to here is storage space available.  The three HostGator plans offer unlimited disk space where Crucial have storage of 10Gb.

How much web traffic are you expecting?

This can be a hard question for a company to answer and obviously most would want plenty however for most smaller businesses reality dictates that it’s not really that much.  If you’re planning on doing a lot of advertising or you’re hosting high resolution images and videos it’s probably best you choose HostGator for this one.  The 250GB monthly data cap on Crucial will get eaten up pretty quickly.

Are you going to be calling on your Web Hosting Support regularly?

In most cases the answer to this one is no but if you’re running a complex website you may need to call your web host urgently if you run in to issues.  Due to the time difference, HostGator may not be as timely to answer your questions compared to a local company.  There’s nothing wrong with HostGator’s support, you just need to be aware that they operate on a different time zone.

Do you need a dedicated IP address?

There’s been some talk over the years about having your website penalised if you share the same IP address with another website and they’re up to no good.  Crucial include a Dedicated IP Address on their business plan.  You’ll need to upgrade to HostGator’s top Business Plan to get a dedicated IP address.

Do you need an SSL certificate?

If you’re running a shopping cart or collecting any personal information the answer to this one is YES.  HostGator offer a shared SSL certificate across the three shared plans as standard where Crucial don’t.  Both web host providers have the option of a private SSL Certificate.  At the time of writing this, Crucial’s current pricing for a RapidSSL Certificate is $99 per year.

Hostgator vs Crucial Cloud Hosting

Crucial Cloud Hosting


  • Ultra fast SAN Storage
  • Sydney Data Centre
  • Fast 24 x 7 x 365 Support


  • Limited storage space
  • Limited Monthly Data
  • Limited MySQL Databases
  • More Costly than alternatives



  • Excellent Pricing
  • Plenty of bundled in features


  • Getting immediate support for non urgent issues due to the different time zones

If you’re a business based in Sydney and you need assistance with your Domain Registration or setting up website hosting please call us on 1800 367 448 or email us at support@4it.com.au