Social Media Security Features That You Should Enable Immediately

It is quite common among social media users to overlook their online privacy settings. As a result, a lot of uncalled mishaps take place. To avoid strangers intruding and trespassing on your life because of social media, enabling security features is an absolute must.

This article shall explain why security features are not a choice but a necessity. These features apply to all social media platforms, and you should consider enabling them immediately.

Let’s get started!

Control Your Audience

The first and foremost thing is to ensure to whom you give your information. Since social media is a public place where anybody can access the content you post, you should be well aware of the audience you are interacting with through your posts.

You should have enough trust in the people who go through your content, and you should post keeping their sentiments in mind. Blind faith and unawareness can cost you in many ways, as dangerous people might come across your content without your knowledge.

All social media platforms allow you to enable privacy settings for personalizing your audience. If you have not done it already, you should immediately go through your online connections. Change your default audience settings to customized audience settings for each post.

Manage Your Account Activity and Control Your Experience

As a user of social media, you should be careful with what you post and who should that post target. While some posts are meant to be public, others may require you to select your audience specifically. If you have already controlled your audience, your social media experience is sure to improve.

Besides, you can also review and limit your past posts. Through audience selector tools available on privacy settings, previously posted content can also be managed easily. You can even customize settings for who can connect with you, allowing only trustworthy people to view your public profile. This altogether gives your a safer and more secure experience on social media.

Go Through Privacy Checkups to Ensure Account Security

It is very important to go through regular privacy checkups from time to time. While sometimes your social media account may notify you to review your privacy settings, other times you should do it on your own. You can also set up reminders for this.

Some significant ways you can ensure your account security include updating your password, changing privacy settings, controlling your audience, managing posted content, adjusting privacy settings for logged-in games and websites, and many more.

Reviewing tags is also a major step to going through privacy checkups, as this gives you an insight into your friends and followers online. You can adjust tagging settings as per your preference. Lastly, secure your profile picture and other public pictures so that strangers do not use them in unsolicited means.

Be Aware of Security Policies and Reporting

The final step to enabling social media security is educating yourself on their policies. If you see traces of abuse, hate, or violence in anybody’s posts, you have every right to report the post and their account. Strict and swift actions are taken against anybody violating security codes of conduct on any social media platform. To remain aware of such policies saves you from the trouble of posting dangerous content and also helps others to stay away from it.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a vulnerable place yet a space that binds us together across the world. If there is anything that makes social media so relevant in our daily lives, it is trust. As regular social media users, you should be aware enough to maintain this trust and allow yourself and others to have safety and privacy online. Without procrastinating about privacy settings anymore, you should immediately switch on your safety features on social media right from today.