What is Remote Support?

Remote Support (also known as Remote Assistance) is a technology which allows someone in a remote location to remote control your computer screen to assist you with your computer without a technician having to visit.  It’s like having your own remote pc doctor.

With Remote Assistance we can typically provide you with a similar service to a technician visit.  You can:

  • Get help with setting up items on your computer and installing software remotely
  • Computer Repair – Get assistance with troubleshooting viruses and malware
  • Allow us to diagnose faults remotely

What types of computer can be controlled by Remote Support from 4IT?

We can remotely control any version of Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.


How does Remote Computer Support Work?

A technician will direct you to the Remote Support menu and provide you with an invitation code to enter on this page.  After you have entered the invitation code, the computer will prompt you to run a small program which will allow us to connect to your computer and control your computer screen right in front of you!

How do I get Remote Assistance from 4IT?

If you are an existing customer simply log a request via the Help Desk and Ticketing System.

How do I allow the technician to remotely control my computer?

Step 1 – From the Main Menu on the 4IT website click JOIN ONLINE SESSION on the right hand side


Step 2 – Enter the Invitation Code that the support technician has provided you and then click on Join.



Step 3 – Depending on your security settings you may need to authorise the application to run on your computer.  

Note: If all you see is a spinning icon on the web page showing “Joining your session” for more than 15 seconds, this means that you have not authorised the session to continue.   Please check the top and bottom of your internet browser to make sure it isn’t asking you for permission to run. On some computers a file will download which you will need to run.



Step 4 – When you have successfully connected the following dialog box will be displayed


The technician will now be able to control your computer whilst you watch. At the end of the session you will receive a message similar to this showing that we have disconnected from your computer.