Whether it’s a PC or MAC we can help you out online without leaving the comfort of your home.  For a fraction of the cost of a tech coming out to your place we can set up, repair and provide assistance to you remotely.

Not to be confused by cheap overseas remote support services, our techs are fully qualified and experienced Australian based technicians.

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Prefer to speak to someone first?

 Call us today on FREECALL 1800 367 448 and speak to one of our technicians

Online Support - H1

Assistance & Troubleshooting - 1 Item

Just purchased a new device and need some assistance getting it up and running on your computer?

Need your email set up but don't know where to start?

Printer not printing?

Program not working as it should?

Not limited only to the above, these are the types of problems which we can solve for you quickly at a price that suits your budget.

$49 per session

1 request per online session. Not to be used for any virus or malware related issues

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Online Support - H3

Assistance & Troubleshooting - 3 Items

Identical to Online Support H1 except we allow for up to 3 requests per session

Great for when you've got a few problems that need solving!

$69 per session

Up to 3 requests per online session. Not to be used for any virus or malware related issues

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PC Tune Up / Virus Removal

Make your computer run like new

Perfect for when your computer is running slow or you suspect it is infected by a Virus or Malware

We'll make sure your computer is up to date

Scan your computer for malware/viruses and remove any infections found

Make sure your computer has Antivirus and is up to date

Cleanup old temporary files

Uninstall unused programs

Check your firewall settings

Check Free Space

Check Memory Usage

Update Device Drivers

Check and repair system startup

$99 per session

30 day Guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session?

A session is the time it takes whether it be 10 minutes or 10 hours to complete the request.  For example setting up your email may only take a very short time if you have all the account details ready.  Scanning a computer for problems may take many hours.

What if you can’t fix the problem online?

In the event that the problem can’t be fixed online we will refund back to your paypal account the full purchase price. 

Are the remote sessions secure?

We use 256 bit AES Encryption for all sessions.  In plain english this means that our remote sessions are very secure.  Additionally you can see exactly what we are doing on your computer screen. At the end of a session our software also automatically erases itself from your computer.

 I’m not sure which option to pick above?

Send us an email first with your questions to support@4it.com.au or call us on  FREECALL 1800 367 448