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We know how frustrating it can be dealing with IT support that’s not up to scratch. Whether it’s waiting days on end for a simple task to be complete, or having to deal with unfriendly staff, poor customer service is a common trait of the IT industry.

That’s where we step in. [or something like that, will look good to leave this in a paragraph by itself.]

We are redefining what brilliant IT support looks like, and we’re so confident on the level of support we provide we’ll never lock you into an extensive helpdesk support contract only to find that you’ve made the wrong decision down the track.

We’ve invested in the latest desktop support systems and the most capable, friendly staff to make sure you’re looked after the way you should be.

Our Portfolio
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Our iT Portal has been developed with one primary objective: To make your life easier.

We know that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we tailor the portal experience to suit your needs. If there’s a way for us to assist you in standardising the process in setting up new services such as email accounts or computers, we’ll do it.

In our Portal, you’ll be able to easily log support tickets, order new services, view your assets, check the status of your Microsoft Office 365 health, and much more.

We deploy the iT portal to all your computers by default for ease of access. The easiest way to access the portal, is by double-clicking the icon in the bottom-left of the toolbar, or the shortcut on your desktop.

An Example of How the iT Portal Optimizes Workflow, and Solves real-world Problems

The Problem

Contoso Freight and Logistics (a fictional company) has very particular IT set up requirements for new employees at the company. Access to files, email groups, and applications will vary depending on the employee.

New office staff need far more IT resources set up than new warehouse staff do. They need access to phone systems, email groups, corporate file shares and automatic email signatures.

While new warehouse staff don’t need access to as many resources as office staff, they need access to freight and logistics software that the office staff don’t need.

Contoso’s previous IT provider gave them a form to fill out when requesting IT services for new employees, but the form was barely used and when it was, vital information was missing.

Contoso preferred to email their previous IT provider with their new staff requirements, as it was easier for them to do so compared to filling out the form. This made the issue of missing vital information even worse, and caused constant back and forth between the IT provider and Contoso, which resulted in errors and wasted time.

Our Solution

If Contoso was our customer, we’d customize their portal to solve their issue with ease. Here’s what we’d do for them to streamline their new employee setup process:

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Create New Catalog Items

As there are significant differences in service requirement between office and warehouse staff, we’d set up two catalog items (lists from within the portal that you use to order services). One to set up a new office employee, and another to set up a warehouse staff member.

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Customize Catalog Items to suit Contoso’s needs

We’d customize each of the fields within the catalog items, to ensure that it meets Contoso’s needs.

To ensure that the form is simple yet intuitive, for multi-choice options (such as email and file access) we’d create dropdown boxes with the possible entries as contents. This prevents issues associated with manual user input, such as forgetting to add in an email group.

We’d also mark the required fields as mandatory, so a request can’t be submitted without specific information, depending on Contoso’s requirements. Not only is this useful for compliance purposes, but it greatly increases the process efficiency overall, by preventing the back-and-forth communication caused by missing information.