Remote Assistance allows us to remotely connect to your servers and workstations in order to assist and troubleshoot issues.  When using remote assistance we can share the same screen with your staff which allows problems to be demonstrated to our support technicians reducing support times.  As an added benefit, this also allows our technicians to demonstrate to your staff how to resolve simple issues.

Depending on our agreement with your company we can provide:

  • Case by Case Remote Assistance which automatically deletes itself at the end of a session
  • Unattended Access which allows us to quickly and easily connect in reducing support times

We use a number of remote assistance technologies depending on the type of machine.  In some cases such as servers we may have more than one type set up as a backup.  The technologies we use to provide remote assistance include:

  • Our own in house remote assistance technologies
  • Windows Remote Desktop
  • Teamviewer

For more information about Remote Assistance or other IT services, call 4IT Support on FREECALL 1800 367 448 or email us at