Secure and Powerful Antivirus – Centrally Managed by 4IT Support

We offer our customers the option of our Managed Antivirus which integrates in to our Advanced Monitoring Service.  For a low monthly fee per workstation or server we can deploy and manage your antivirus for you allowing you to concentrate on your core business knowing that your critical systems are protected from viruses and spyware.

Key Features of Managed Antivirus:

  • Antivirus & Antispyware
  • Low CPU and memory usage
  • On-Access file scanning
  • Removable device scanning
  • Email Security
  • Priced per month with no lock in contracts

This service is available to customers on the following plans:

For more information on Managed Antivirus, Advanced Monitoring or other IT Support services, call 4IT Support on FREECALL 1800 367 448 or email us at