The Portal is a joint collaboration between your company and 4iT and is included with all Managed Service Plans.  It is the gateway to everything IT-related in your company.

You’ll get your very own Windows Portal App (mac coming soon) which can be fully customised by 4iT and company management to get the most out of your IT investment.

Company staff will benefit from:

An easier and less time-consuming way to log support tickets

Spending less time logging tickets.  With the 4iT Portal, gone are the days of spending time on the phone waiting for problems to be resolved.  Either by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or opening up the app directly from the Windows tray, staff can quickly and easily log tickets with the help desk.  Depending on the type of problem, just the right balance of questions can be asked allowing the assigned technician to start working on a ticket without having to go back to the user asking for additional information.  Best of all, it’s all customisable. If you have a custom application we can add this as a help desk option further cementing the bond between 4iT and your company.

Desktop Notifications for System-Wide Outages

Never be kept in the dark. Should an incident arise for a particular service we can notify your staff via the inbuilt messaging system in our app which will show up on the affected desktops as a notification and in the portal itself.

A client-specific Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base’s can be great, but let’s face it, experience shows that staff will typically log a support ticket before “googling” an answer to their problem.  That’s what you pay the IT company for, right?  – well not necessarily.  What if the IT Knowledge Base for your company only had clear and concise instructions for the absolute top issues that commonly arise and they were all available on one page?   You know, the type of issues that might arise regularly for that important but slightly buggy program that’s essential for a staff members roll.  What if they could resolve the issue themselves quickly and easily without having to get assistance from someone else?


Whether’s it is one of the included modules like How to use Microsoft Teams or a company-specific application that’s rolling out soon you can create and enrol staff members into the required training

Managers and Directors will love:

Dashboards – Infrastructure

Dashboards, Dashboards and did we say Dashboards?

Drill down into your companies data in real-time with our interactive dashboards (ok, we’ve said it enough now)

  • Compliance – Are your users and workstations fully secure?
  • Cybersecurity – Who’s disabled Multifactor Authentication?  Who hasn’t completed the cybersecurity course?
  • Infrastructure – All the information you’ll need for your IT audit, automatically gathered

and many more.  You can take a sneak peek here.

Workflow Approvals

Gone are the days where you have to rely on IT to make a note on your account and hope that they see that specific requests require management approval before proceeding. We can set up specific requests from your company to be automatically routed to the specified manager for approval before proceeding.

Their IT Company 🙂

Every time an interaction happens between our company and yours we’ll ask for your feedback.  It’s important as it allows us to catch small issues before they can potentially escalate.  The best bit is you can see that feedback in realtime.  No more waiting until the next meeting.