One of the predominant threats to your business in today’s digital age is hackers attempting to infiltrate your IT systems.

With the aid of automated tools, every business is a potential target for hackers at any given time. Their goal? To pilfer your data, your login credentials, or even worse, hold your data hostage for a ransom.

We enlisted a certified ethical hacker to infiltrate three computers using various attack methods. The entire process was documented from both perspectives – the hacker’s and the victims’.

What you’re about to witness is seldom seen on film…


In the initial attack, our ethical hacker encrypts all your data, rendering it inaccessible until a hefty ransom is paid for its release.
In the subsequent attack, our ethical hacker deploys a counterfeit login portal to trick you into divulging your login credentials
In the concluding attack, our hacker underscores the critical importance of keeping your software and operating system consistently updated.

These videos were alarming to us... as we've seen the aftermath of such attacks on a daily basis.

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