Cloud Migration Services by 4IT Support – Simplifying The Cloud for Businesses with 5 to 50 staff

You work in a small business, you’ve heard of this “cloud” that everyone seems to be talking about these days but you don’t know where to start or even if it can benefit your business.  We’re here to take the mystery out of it and advise you whether your business can benefit from using the cloud.

The Cloud and Your Business

Common questions about moving to the cloud.

What really is this mysterious cloud?

The cloud is simply using another company’s facilities to store your information which you access via the internet usually on a per user basis.

Why would my business want to move to the cloud?

Three Reasons - Pricing, reliability & flexibility of accessing your information from any device that has an internet connection.

When is a good time to investigate moving to the cloud?

You need to upgrade or replace server equipment at your business, You’re running out of space on your existing servers or the cost maintaining your existing servers are costing a small fortune.

Does it affect the way we do business?

This depends on how your company uses it’s software and servers currently and how much you want to embrace the cloud. One option people take is to move certain services like email and calendar to the cloud but continue to use on site software to access the information.

What can be moved to the Cloud?

Whilst you can move anything you run on a server locally to the cloud, there needs to be a number of factors taken into consideration. Generally however, we’ve found that the following at the very least – your email, calendar, tasks and quite often general shared company documents will give you a much better return on investment than running locally at your business premises.

The fact is that many small businesses are in the perfect position to take advantage of the cloud as they often use mostly standard off the shelf software products.


If you’re still running a mail server locally such as Microsoft Exchange there is some tremendous savings to be made by moving it to a cloud provider such as Google Apps for Business or Office 365 from Microsoft.


Gain access to your company information whilst away from the office available from any device with an internet connection.

Shared Documents

Moving company shared documents to the cloud gives your staff the ability to access documents whilst out on the road or working from home. The added benefit of being able to have more than one person working on a document at the same time can be great for teams that need to collaborate.


Many businesses are using cloud based customer relationship management programs such as Salesforce to manage their customers information and win more customers. When you move your email and calendar to a cloud provider like Google Apps the integration becomes a lot more seamless.


The major accounting software providers - MYOB, Quickbooks & XERO offer their accounting packages as a cloud based solution. Accessible by multiple users at the same time whether they are in the office, out on site or at home. You can even give your accountant real time access to your information.

How to get started

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