6 thoughts on “How To Forward Office 365 Email Address to External Address without a Mailbox”

  1. This is the solution to a simple redirect. It works perfectly.

    However I would like to make it more difficult. I would like to redirect two email addresses to the SAME external address. There is a problem with the second address since the system detects that address and can´t redirect it properly.

    Any idea on how to do it?


  2. You can instead create a shared mail box (which does not use a license), and you can also create as many aliases for it as you wish. Then forward that mailbox to an external address and turn off ‘keep a copy’, giving you the result you’re after.

  3. The first method (using a Mail User) only seems to work if the e-mail message to be forwarded originates within my organization. Mail coming from an external location will get the error “Recipient not found by SMTP address lookup”

    Or maybe I’ve done something wrong…

    Our particular goal is for an organization branching off a new organization; some of the users are going to the new organization (with new e-mail addresses in a new DNS domain), but we want their old e-mail addresses to forward to their new ones, even when sent from elsewhere.

  4. My mistake, it works fine. We had a relaying SMTP server in the middle which still thought the messages should go back to the old Exchange server.

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