14 thoughts on “How to Show All Sites You Have Access To in Sharepoint Online”

  1. This is unbelievable to me. On the SharePoint site, there is literally a link on the left hand side called My Sites. Why on earth can’t I simply click on the My Sites link and see, well, all of my sites? Instead, that button gives you only your Favorites and Recent sites?!?!?!?! Who’s idea was that? Oh, gee, let’s arbitrarily limit what people can see under My Sites–let’s make people enter some non-sensical command if they actually want to see their sites. Ridiculous if you ask me.

    1. Agreed! And if the time I wasted looking for a listing of all my sites is any indication and common, this stupid mis-functional functionality costs organizations millions and millions of $$ in wasted time.

  2. In a large organization it could be over whelming to see all the sites. Microsoft is moving toward a model where you see what you most commonly work with or the sites you favorite.

  3. I know someone who works in this field. I can confidently say the ux designers aren’t the problem. There are other people in the decision making chain who sadly have more say than them.

    But yes, I agree. I wish this wasn’t such a complicated process.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous that MySites won’t show me…. my sites. Microsoft trying to outthink me about what I need is infuriating – yes, pinned and frequent is fine, but I should be able to see my listing! I literally just created a site that the invitee can see, but I cannot, such that I cannot upload files, and he sees an empty site. For goodness’ sake, the idiocy is astounding.

  5. You must select the following start at top of a site you are invited to and then it will appear under sites you are following.

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