10 thoughts on “How to Track your company Iphones using Find My iPhone”

  1. Micro management at its best! A sure fire way to lose both your staff and the moral of the people that remain.

    1. Hi Martin, Whilst I am sure some employers could use this as a way of micro managing their staff there are less sinister reasons for doing this as well. For example, this page was originally created as an easy way for a client of ours to track their service vehicles so they could see where their service vehicles were and dispatch the nearest technician to a site.

  2. Thanks for your article! We used the same idea to track iPads at the school where I work. Ran into one problem though. We set-up 160 iPads in exactly the same way, but when I log onto Find My iPhone, not all the iPads show up. The ones that are missing from the list are turned on, in use, etc. Any suggestion how to find out whether there is a limit on the number of devices that can be linked to one Apple I.D. for Find My iPhone?

    1. Hi Terry,

      I haven’t come across these limits before myself but I’m sure there probably is a limit somewhere. It doesn’t appear to be published anywhere but if you find out it would be great if you could let us know!

  3. If i setup the icloud account to be the generic company apple ID then how do the individual user maintain their ability to download apps or utilize their individual apple ID’s?

    1. Hi Zach,

      This won’t work for that situation if you need the individuals ability to download apps etc… This was designed for a small office with company owned iPhones where the office manager manages the iPhones. An alternative could be to use the Find My Friends feature.

  4. Brett:
    Thank you for all of your insight and hard work into this. I have a fleet of 20 trucks that need to be tracked. All of the drivers have Iphone 5s on board. We are a non profit that helps people with disabilities, addictions, homeless and employment challenged. Of all our donations, we put 90% back into helping others. I would really like to utilize our Iphones to track our trucks and save us money. Is this system you explain here capable of showing all 20 trucks at one time on the same screen? How does it differentiate one phone from the other? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Hi Dan, It identifies the phones by their phone name. I would imagine that you need to change this to something more meaningful than “Joe’s iPhone”. In relation to showing all 20 trucks at one time on the same screen you would need to test this out – I can say that in the case of 10 iPhones across a city it does show them all on the same screen.

  5. Hi, We are a small company currently paying $1148 per month rental on 5 vehicle GPS trackers so your suggestion will save us that money. We already supply all our staff iPhones and we need to track them so we can send the closest vehicle to urgent service calls. At times we also need to look at history to see when our staff were at specific jobs (they keep forgetting to log). Does the mechanism you propose keep track of historical data or only current position?

  6. Will this still work in 2019 with iPhone 7’s? I saw this article AFTER setting up multiple iPhones for our company, all with their own apple ID like abc1@icloud.com, abc2@icloud.com, abc3@icloud.com. I’m looking for a way to track 10 iPhones on one map. Each phone needs to download a couple different apps and I don’t want any messages or photos or anything else shared across devices. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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