36 thoughts on “File explorer opens and closes immediately in windows 10 due to Quick Access”

  1. Sorry, I accidentally gave this a 3-star vote, whereas I meant to give 5 stars – this solved my problem quickly and completely, whereas advice on the Microsoft site wasted a good hour and solved nothing. It’s worth adding that after you’ve fixed it, and cleared history, you can go back to using Quick Access. But, very many thanks.

  2. This article indirectly helped me. Since the problem is that File Explorer closes immediately, one can’t get to the toolbar at the top of File Explorer to change options.

    The solution for me was to go to Control Panel and search for “File Explorer.” I then clicked on “File Explorer Options.”

    On the General tab I changed “Open File Explorer to” from Quick Access to This PC.

    Explorer then worked.

  3. This didn’t work for me, but I found the right click to open did. I eventually changed the folder properties under the ‘customize, tab from ‘Optimize this folder for Video” to “General Items” and that fixed it… more by luck than judgement.

  4. Sadly, it didn’t work for me. I need to open two file explorer windows….one for the pc and the other for a network drive. It keeps crashing regardless of what cure I have tried.

  5. I wish this fixed it for me.
    It seems to only be affecting one folder.
    I can open an excel workbook, but not this simple folder.

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