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Open multiple files using “Open With” on Windows
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So here’s the context.  You want to open multiple files at once with a Program like Photoshop.  Sure, if Photoshop was the default program for opening images you’d be able to select them all, right click and choose Open.  The thing is, setting a resource-hungry program like Photoshop as the default for opening up every […]

Windows Search EDB File Huge
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The Windows search EDB file can become large and fragmented after years of indexing.  The easiest way to reset this back to the beginning and free up space is to delete the file and let Windows start indexing again.  To do this: Open a command prompt as and Administrator Type the following commands: net stop […]

How to Fix Desktop Icons Disappearing
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If the desktop icon in windows disappear it could be for many reasons.  Before digging too deep please check that the toggle for showing desktop icons hasn’t been unticked by right clicking in a blank space on the desktop, click on view and then as the below image:   Next you can try the following […]

Can’t Open HEIC files on Windows 10
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When Apple devices started using High-Efficiency Image Format for coding images it created another problem when these HEIC images were emailed to a Windows computer.  There are various paths that you can take to enable native HEIC support in Windows; even Windows says it’s easy to enable but sometimes it doesn’t work.  The best program […]

Install a Wildcard SSL Certificate on a Unifi Controller in Windows
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How to add an SSL Certificate to a Unifi Controller when hosted on a Windows instance: Download a program called Keystore Explorer from here > Open the existing keystore (C:\<PATH TO YOUR INSTALLATION LOCATION>\Ubiquiti UniFi\data\keystore) with password “aircontrolenterprise” Tools > Import Key Pair Select the key type use PKCS #12 Choose the PFX file […]

How to add a DNS entry manually to a Windows Computer
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At times you may be required to add a manual DNS entry to your Windows PC in order to override your DNS settings Step 1 – Open Notepad as an Administrator For example in Windows 10 click on Start, Type in Notepad, Right Click and choose Run as Administrator Step 2 – Browse to and open the […]

How to change the Lock screen timeout using Command Prompt
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Here is how to change the Lock Screen Timeout on Windows 10 using the command prompt. Changing the Lock Screen Timeout when running on AC power To change the Lock screen timeout using Command Prompt, do the following: Type in to the search box Command.  Right click on command and choose to run as an Administrator. […]

Shortcut to Opening Programs and Features in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
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The shortcut to opening Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7: Step 1 Hold Down the Windows Key and Press R Step 2 Type in appwiz.cpl in the box and hit enter Whilst this may not be the fastest way to access Program and Features if this is the first time you’ve […]

How To Reveal Hidden Files in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
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To Reveal Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Open Windows Explorer Click on the View Tab in the Top Ribbon Click on Hidden Items Check Box To Reveal Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7 Open Windows Explorer Click on Organise on the top menu Click on Folder and search options from […]

How to Create A New Firefox Profile in Windows
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In order to create a new firefox profile in Windows you will need to open the Firefox Profile Manager.  To do this: Step 1 Open the Run Command Step 2 Type the following and hit enter firefox.exe -p Step 3 This will open up the Firefox Profile Manager.  From here you will be able to […]

How to Open the Windows Registry Editor in Windows
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Windows 10 Type regedit in the Cortana Search Box Click on the regedit command that comes up Windows 8.1 Right Click on the Windows Start Icon Click on Run Type regedit and hit enter Windows 8 Move the mouse in to the bottom left hand corner Click on the Start Menu Icon Type regedit and […]