11 thoughts on “How To Restart Windows In To Safe Mode Using the Command Prompt”

  1. Thank you for this steps! For some reason my pc doesn’t recognise boot into safe mode input to select from troubleshooting steps (shift+restart).

    This helped me to get into safe mode with no issues. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for this article. I was asked by a family member to fix a PC where the status bar, windows menu and win-keyboard shortcuts would not work. Starting the Task Manager and doing File/Run was the only option available. From there, opening a command-line worked so these commands were amazingly useful. Turns out McAfee was to blame 😉

  3. i don’t get It, the command “shutdown /r” does not work here, any help? i’m using the windows 10

  4. Following these instructions, my Windows 10 PC got stuck in the Automatic Repair Loop. It accepted the first command, but did not recognize either the “shutdown /r” command or the “bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot” command. No matter which of the recovery modes 1-9 were chosen, it would go into Automatic Repair and then say it could not fix the problem.

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