10 thoughts on “How to Save All Embedded Images in an Outlook Mail to a Folder”

  1. OMG. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK. I have clients who just CANNOT wrap their head around the correct way to attach an image or PDF to an email. Saving each file individually has sometimes required a LOT of time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  2. This is a fantastic tip, thank you!

    However, if you delete the html files in Windows explorer, it deletes the images as well, believe it or not.
    I opened cmd and deleted the extra files from there.

  3. Genius work-around! Just exceptional. Usually I Google issues like this and find … only other people Googling the same issue. Finding a creative work-around is refreshing.

  4. I have clients who send me emails with attachments via a share file website so it’s not in Outlook when I received. Is there a way to save all the attachments if the emails are saved to a folder already?

  5. Aaaag no. Outlook will not give me the HTML option to save. In any case if I open the mail the pictures are not opened and has a simple attachment with it. You do not describe the issues and requirements prior to selecting “Save as”. “Here are your images” does not show after opening thee mail or clicking on “Save as” ??????
    Sorry I may be stupid so show more detail.

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