3 thoughts on “How to Remove Authorised Apps from your Google Account”

  1. Hi Brett, if I’ve removed all Google apps (had complications with paid for domain, so abandoned it and went back to BlogSpot address minus redirect). Will my BlogSpot blog still be ok? The redirect hasn’t run out yet even though I’ve gone back to the original, it’s due to expire on 14th April. I just hope my blog remains intact. Need more info? Just ask.

    Thanks, Heth

    1. Hi Heth,

      All revoking access to your Google account does is stop applications from using the data within that account. It doesn’t actually cancel any of the services.

  2. It was a really simple procedure to remove authorized applications from my google account. I found all the steps helpful; your simple language and clear instructions are easily practicable. Thanks Brett for your help!

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